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The Best Food Choice for a Toddler!

Maybe this is not the one … I simply could not believe my eyes when I recently saw a toddler in a local café, walking in next to his mum and pram, getting the baby chair ready … and being … Continue reading

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Beware of Weight Loss Scammers

Hi everyone, There is something I really need to share with you. Today I was approached by a friendly man who gave me his business card which stated: Name: (very well known international weight loss company) Title: Nutrition Coach Bi-line: … Continue reading

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What about diets to lose weight fast … More author talks by Sandy Bröcking

Hi everyone! For anyone who is interested in fast weight loss diets and diet programs: Remember that research shows that most diet products and programs only have a 5% long-term success. It’s commonly known that while you are on a diet … Continue reading

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Have Diets Lost It?

With ever-increasing numbers of weight-loss programs, health instructions and diet books on the market, any sane person would expect every one of us to have a slim, well defined and healthy body.  Yet most Australians, Americans and people in other … Continue reading

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