About Sandy

After my spare tires disappeared a long time ago, I decided to help people lose weight the easy and the healthy way; without being forced into rigorous, radical or expensive diet regimes.

I want to help getting rid of those extra kilo’s that we all hate so much and I want to help make those kilo’s stay away for good!

Only 5% of Diet and Weight Loss Products and Programs have a long-term success. Losing weight for good is not about spending heaps of money on weight loss products and programs – It’s about knowledge and motivation!

Follow my blog for some great tips, encouragement, inspiration and information. Believe me – losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.


A German native and now an Australian citizen,

Sandy Bröcking’s keen interest in healthy lifestyle stemmed from over 17 years working as a nurse and in various hospitals, including heart surgery, in many countries across the globe. As she used to be heavily overweight herself and after first-hand experiences with multiple patients suffering from illnesses as a result of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, Sandy was propelled to find a way to help these people.

Understanding the shortcomings of the myriad of fads and diet regimes offered left, right and centre, Sandy was inspired to share her methods with the world and use her passions to help other people change their lives for the better too.

A writer with a world of experience under her belt, Sandy also exercises, cycles, swims and bush walks in her spare time. Her caring nature extends even beyond people, having volunteered for an animal rescue home where she spent four years walking dogs.

THINK SMART & LOSE WEIGHT             by Sandy Bröcking   

REVIEW BY ROGER FRENCH PUBLISHED IN ‘TRUE NATURAL HEALTH’, the magazine of the Natural Health Society of Australia                   

This would have to be the easiest book to read ever. It is 208 pages of very plain language in very short chapters, the shortest being half a page.

Sandy, a nurse, used to be heavily overweight herself. Her dialogue is striking for its non-stop, first-hand wisdom, expressed with enthusiasm and passion, and all in keeping with ‘true’ Natural Health.

Sandy is compassionate, too, giving very decided views on the cruelty in some farming practices and in keeping pigs and poultry in intensive sheds – “Most of their short lives are spent in their own excrement, breathing dust and ammonia-polluted air.”

This book demolishes the use of unhealthy and junk foods in a most graphical and colourful way. The motivating effect this has might well be the book’s greatest offering to people who want to overcome obesity and terrible health. “Be smart – stop stuffing your poor body with ‘dead’ junk food!” she declares.

Sandy’s book is not a diet book. It is a guide for people with diet-related issues who want to lose weight and are serious about keeping it off. It is a testament of what is achievable for the individual.

Losing weight is not about counting calories and living on the scales, it’s about making small daily changes that will contribute to an exciting new you. Sandy Bröcking’s own story is behind the innovative health plan presented which does not involve a radical or expensive diet regime.

Sandy is dedicated to saving others from what she has been through, especially the embarrassment of being greatly overweight.


4 Responses to About Sandy

  1. Look forward to sharing your community and learning some in the process.

  2. Testosterone says:

    Well done explanation. I could not of done better myself!

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