29 August 2013: Common Disasters and Death continue regularly without knowledge in many Families!

Despite many of us have experienced and seen these common disasters many times at home, in our families or in the neighbourhood, avoidable widespread and common killings still occur on a regular and daily basis.

Please – Stop cooking your vegetables to death!

Perhaps you are, just like me, my family or my mum, been brought up with having your vegetables cooked for hours into a slubby, mushy and often tasteless “blob”.

Did you know that with overcooking thoseLetterbox_Sandy Bröcking_Think Smart & Lose Weight vegies, we not only kill the taste, but most of the nutrients and antioxidants as well?

I’ve learned that vegies should not be cooked or steamed for more than 6 minutes. Doing this does not only keep the for our body important nutrients alive – it keeps the taste as well!

So please, everyone who has been cooking their vegetables to death as often told by our grand-grand ma’s, please think about the much shorter and healthier option of using the: “Cook No More than 6 Mins Method!”

For all those poor chaps, who for years hated to eat your vegies because they were tasteless and cooked to death, give it a go and try the:

“Cook No More than 6 Mins Method!”

Tell your mum, your wife, your husband – even your chef about it! And give it a go!

Remember: Vegies do taste great! It’s just about what we are used to – and how we deal with it!

Please, take care of your body – It’s worth it!



About Sandy Bröcking

I’m a health professional, author and motivational speaker who is passionate to help people lose weight the healthy way. As I used to be heavily overweight myself a long time ago, I believe that successful weight loss comes from motivation and knowledge. My passion is to stop people being fooled by often expensive diet regimes. Believe me - losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.
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