Top 5 Healthy Weight & Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss seems to be a struggle for most of us. Believe me: It can be much easier than most of you think.

Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • If you feel hungry: Think about other reason that might make you think you are hungry. Have some water – you might be thirsty. Brush your teeth – that gets rid of some taste that might make you hungry. Have a nap – you might be tired. You might just be bored: Clean up your desk or your kitchen. Do Healthy Weight Loss Tips by Sandy Bröcking / Think Smart & Lose Weightsome gardening or go for a walk. Make a list of ‘things to do’ when you get the ‘hunger’ feeling.
  • If you lack willpower: Think about the reason why you want to lose weight and write them down. If you have indulged don’t be upset. Accept it (we all have set backs), learn from the experience and do it better next time.
  • If you can’t lose weight: Think about what you actually eat, especially think about all those little snacks and drinks between your meals. Write them down if you can. Try it if only for a few days (I know how annoying this task can be). The snacks and drinks we have between meals can sometimes add even more fat to our tummies than the main meals. If you need a snack – choose a healthy one like a salad or some fruits and choose water as your preferred drink if you are thirsty.
  • If you think you have a slow metabolism: There are Healthy Weight Loss Tips / Think Smart & Lose Weightmany ways to increase your metabolism. Do exercise! Walk, cycle, leave your car at home or park it some blocks away and walk to work. Go to the gym! Do some exercise that make you feel good. Do something you like: Dancing, Table-tennis, swimming or aqua gym and there are many more options to choose from.
  • If you think you are too busy to do exercise: Remember that the most important thing in our life is our body! It’s our body that sticks with us our entire life and it’s mostly up on us how well we keep it functioning! Take every opportunity to exercise. Start with walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift and walk to the shops instead of taking the car or the bus.

Take care of your body – it’s worth it!



About Sandy Bröcking

I’m a health professional, author and motivational speaker who is passionate to help people lose weight the healthy way. As I used to be heavily overweight myself a long time ago, I believe that successful weight loss comes from motivation and knowledge. My passion is to stop people being fooled by often expensive diet regimes. Believe me - losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.
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4 Responses to Top 5 Healthy Weight & Weight Loss Tips

  1. nabans says:

    Nice tips. One must follow them to lose weight effectively.

    Check out my blog for some facts and information about obesity.

    • Hi Naban,
      Thanks very much for your comment but I don’t think weight loss is supposed to be a struggle. For me the importance is that weight loss can be very easy. The secret key is a combination of the right knowledge, motivation and common sense.
      I think our lives are complicated enough as it is. Let’s keep weight loss simple! You’ll be surprised how well it works!
      Have a great day

  2. Magic says:

    Motivation like you said is a major ingredient when you want to lose weight, so is determination and a strong will to succeed. I think that it is how we are eating that is keeping the
    weight on our bodies. If we just shift our eating by reducing the high
    fat, simple carbohydrate foods and move a little more like our
    ancestors did, we will lose the weight. Knowledge like you said is also necessary.

    I have some weight loss information that can be useful for your readers in my website.Thank you for your first tip, I never thought about it before.
    Have a nice day,

    • Thank you very much. I had a look on your website. I personally don’t think that we need any form of weight loss product or program to lose weight. As I always say: “The right knowledge, motivation and common sense can very much do the trick.” Sandy

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