Antioxidants and our body!

Say hello to a great day!

(Even if you have just slipped on the shower mat – it could have been worse …)

I’ve been talking a lot about Antioxidants and we read about the benefits in many magazines and health books.

How many of us actually know what exactly they are?View by Sandy Bröcking - Think Smart & Lose Weight

Antioxidants fight “free radicals”.

Normal cell function in our body produces molecules that are called “unstable oxygen molecules” or better known as “free radicals”. These molecules are highly unstable which can lead to dysfunction of body cells, speed up aging and contribute to many diseases like heart disease, cancer and many more.

Even the development of Parkinson ’s disease, Alzheimer’s or Arthritis are thought to be linked to free radicals.

Facts about free radicals:

  • The older we get the more free radicals we faceJacaranda Tree by Sandy Bröcking - Think Smart & Lose Weight
  • Workouts and exercise increase free radicals – this does not mean we shouldn’t exercise (our body needs exercise) but that we need antioxidants to keep those free radicals busy so that they don’t attack our body.
  • Other factors that increase free radicals are: smoking, foods that are high in fats and sugar, too much sunlight & pollution, …

Luckily, there are Antioxidants available to help us prevent those free radicals from damaging our body.

Free radicals are trying to steal electrons from other molecules in our body which damages them and creates aging and diseases. Antioxidants are the “friendly neighbours” who give those free radicals exactly what they need: Oxygen!- so that everyone is happy and no molecule or body cell gets damaged or destroyed.

Can you see how important Antioxidants are? Without Antioxidants we would be dead!

Can you see that the more Antioxidants we have in our diet – the more we are able to protect our body from aging and diseases?

So keep looking out for Antioxidants.

Here is a hint: – Mostly you’ll find them in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Sounds good? -To me it does!



About Sandy Bröcking

I’m a health professional, author and motivational speaker who is passionate to help people lose weight the healthy way. As I used to be heavily overweight myself a long time ago, I believe that successful weight loss comes from motivation and knowledge. My passion is to stop people being fooled by often expensive diet regimes. Believe me - losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.
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