Boost your Energy, Lose Weight and Stay Young

Welcome back to part three of the fantastic ‘Strawberry & Coconut Desert ‘ recipe. Whoever hasn’t tried it yet, now it’s your time!

What do we know about coconut?

Coconut is:

  • Great for weight loss and to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Is known to boost energy levelsCoconut by Sandy Bröcking / Think Smart & Lose Weight
  • Has huge amounts of important electrolytes
  • Kills viruses, fungus and bacteria and protects your body
  • Helps protect from heart and liver disease
  • Helps protect against osteoporosis
  • Helps protect from various cancers
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases strong bones and teeth
  • Prevents wrinkles and skin ageing
  • Contains large amounts of iodine for healthy
    thyroid function

So, please everyone – whenever you have a craving for something sweet, need an unusual and tasty desert, or maybe breakfast or you are just hungry, remember that strawberries and coconut are a great choice.

Young Coconut by Sandy Bröcking / Think Smart & Lose Weight

Why not get yourself a fresh coconut every now and then or treat yourself to a ‘young coconut’ to share with your friend instead of having a ‘sugary juice’ from a plastic bottle?

Have a great day



About Sandy Bröcking

I’m a health professional, author and motivational speaker who is passionate to help people lose weight the healthy way. As I used to be heavily overweight myself a long time ago, I believe that successful weight loss comes from motivation and knowledge. My passion is to stop people being fooled by often expensive diet regimes. Believe me - losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.
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