A sad day

A sad day today and busy one as well. A few days ago my friend and I found a little possum in a close by back lane. It was almost midday and much too late for a little possum to sit in the streets. He didn’t look right, didn’t move and didn’t fight when we took him and placed him in an instant made nest (made of a square bucket and some towels). He seemed to like it though. With sleepy eyes he looked at us for a while and went back to sleep. I later found out he was a teenager just starting to explore the world on his own.

Possum_Sandy Bröcking

 WIRES informed us to take him to the vet where they would pick him up. With a tear in the eye we handed the little possum over to the vet assistant knowing that WIRES would take good care of him. I always think it’s an incredible job they do and I think we can’t thank those people enough.

 Today they told me the little possum died. They couldn’t do anything to keep him alive. He died from eating rat poison.

 Poor little thing! I was devastated and did some research. Wow, I found that rat poisoning is a very powerful toxin that not only kills our native Australian possums and birds but can also poison our pets as well.  Apparently animals can even die from eating mice that fed on the poison.

Here was my today’s job – making flyers to inform the neighbours about the poison in our neighbourhood and what effect it can have. Hope it prevents other animals from suffering.

Maybe we can learn a bit from this story too. — Keep our eyes open and be more aware of what we eat: There is a lot of stuff out there that does our bodies more harm than good.

Bye for now, with another tear in my eye. Good night little possum.



About Sandy Bröcking

I’m a health professional, author and motivational speaker who is passionate to help people lose weight the healthy way. As I used to be heavily overweight myself a long time ago, I believe that successful weight loss comes from motivation and knowledge. My passion is to stop people being fooled by often expensive diet regimes. Believe me - losing weight for good is not as difficult as most people think.
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4 Responses to A sad day

  1. Kris Spasojevic says:

    You wrote so beautifully about this poor little brushtail possum. Ratsac is a terrible poison used by people, who often dont realise that birds, cats, dogs and possums all die a horrible death from consuming even a little bit.

  2. beachblogger says:

    Congratulations on the book and getting the blog going … yes I wondered what happened to good old Goovey …

    Re the rat poison … I had Systems Pest control here once to deal with rats. They had a wheel shaped block of poison (not Ratsack) suspended in a box with holes only big enough for rats to enter … if water washed in, because the poison was up in the air, the toxins wouldn’t be washed into the surrounding garden. It was a great idea.

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